The Book

Draw what you do, Doo what you draw
Find and fix every flaw

Track performance to ensure
You're on the path to be mature

(Repeat as required)

This Book is About Curing Your Process Headaches, Your Problems

It's about you and the things you do – the processes in which you are involved and the way you do them.  Everything you do repeatedly in your life is a process and you are involved in lots of processes. If your processes at work or at home are beset with surprises, crises, delays, misunderstandings and other forms of headaches, keep reading. As they say in the headache ads, “Relief is on the Way.”

You Can DoThis -- The Approach is Simple, Practical and It Works

You don’t have to wait for your company to start a process improvement program. This new book, just released, shows some easy things you and your co-workers can do on your own to minimize mistakes, crises, and delays in the ways you interact. This practical step-by-step approach has been successful in over 100 business and government organizations. Follow these 7 simple steps to start to build an effective continuous process improvement program that can lead toward process maturity and eventual formal certification. 

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The book is completely jargon and acronym free. There's none of the fancy nomenclature or strict rules of the formal process improvement programs that people love to hate. This approach was developed and refined by working with small teams that just wanted to make the things they do at work work better.

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